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Korean Woman Gets Held At The Airport For Running A High Fever… For The “Most Embarrassing” Reason Ever

Fortunately, she had the happiest ending of them all!

A Korean woman, Paul, on Twitter @un_u_u has gone mega-viral after sharing the most surprising ending to her flight to Korea!

Picture is for illustrative purposes only. | Suhyeon Choi/Unsplash

In a series of tweets, Paul recalled what she dubbed a “f*cking embarrassing” experience at the South Korean airport on November 16. She explained that when the airport saw her temperature reach 38°C (100.4°F), she got pulled aside—considering potential health risks, especially since the coronavirus pandemic.

Quarantine at the Incheon Airport in Korea | Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea

The “fever,” however, was caused by “none other than” her emotional connection with a BL novel!

Ugh… How f*cking embarrassing. I got quarantined because I read a BL novel… On the flight back to Korea, I read none other than 1935, Gyeongseong and I couldn’t f*cking stop crying… I bawled with a handkerchief over my mouth. When I got off the plane, I was a mess; My face was covered in tears and my temperature reached 38°C. So I got pulled aside.

Things got a bit serious and I got scared that the airport might ship me off in an ambulance or something. So I whispered to one of the employees that it might be because I cried on the flight. Then they said I could sit and wait for a while.

— Paul @un_u_u

While Paul waited for her BL-fueled fever to cool, she couldn’t help but laugh at herself for becoming “K-Drama female lead-like.” Paul said she desperately wanted to explain herself, but—in what seemed to be a collective effort to give her space—no one asked her why she had been crying.

“1935, Gyeongseong” | @kashire_talaria/Twitter

There were a lot of employees there. And when they found out that I’d been crying on the plane, they all looked at me with sympathy in their eyes. I mean, I almost wished they would’ve asked what happened. I could’ve told them that I watched a sad movie or something. But none of them—not a single one—asked me why I cried.

Like, I’m so grateful that they were trying to give me space. But they all looked at me as if I was a K-Drama female lead going through something big… when all I had gone through was a BL novel.

And I didn’t want to make it weird by oversharing that I ‘watched a sad movie’ or whatever when no one asked. So I simply sat there until I was checked again and let through.

— Paul @un_u_u

Eventually, Paul set on her way home…

Picture is for illustrative purposes only. | Lee Seung Bae/NEWS1

The novel is set in Korean during the Japanese rule. And I’d heard it has a sad ending. So I got emotional whenever the main characters would interact… even if the interaction wasn’t necessarily sad. I cried over the two of them eating soup. I cried over one of the leads calling the other ‘babe.’ I even cried over them having sex.

Anyway, I got my luggage and struggled home.

— Paul @un_u_u

…where yet another surprise had been waiting for her.

As soon as I got off the bus, I felt a sense of weight pushing me down. I thought, ‘This must be how a heavy heart feels,’ because I’m holding so much love in it… But then I realized:

— Paul @un_u_u

Fortunately, after a long flight of an emotionally-draining read, a hilariously embarrassing stop at the quarantine, and an unexpected personal escort from a lone pigeon, Paul got the happiest ending of them all: At the end of her tweets, Paul mentioned that she was looking for a paperback version of 1935, Gyeongseong. The novel’s author, Dunarae @sable15121, ended up reaching out to Paul and promising her a copy.

Hello, ma’am… This is author Dunarae. A friend of mine read your tweets and has been so thoroughly impressed that they would like to offer you a copy of the paperback version. Please @ me when you get the chance. Thank you, thank you.

— Dunarae @sable15121

What a rollercoaster ride!

| theqoo

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