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TXT’s Soobin Gains Attention For An Unexpected Body Part

Even Yeonjun agrees that it’s one of Soobin’s best features.

As the tallest member of TXT, Soobin has always been praised for having slim body proportions.


He also won over fans with handsome visuals that shine even through low-quality phone cameras. Still, there’s an unexpected body part that’s gained Soobin attention once more.

As Soobin showed off his smooth dance moves for their “Opening Sequence” performance, fans couldn’t help but notice something different about his figure.

Soobin’s backside seemed way more toned and fuller than fans remembered. MOAs weren’t the only ones who liked Soobin’s butt, though.

Yeonjun has never been shy about how cute he thinks Soobin’s butt is.

Yeonjun | @anythingTXT/Twitter

Though Soobin has heard Yeonjun praise his butt more than a few times, he probably didn’t think it would become one of his charming points to fans as well.




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