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SM Entertainment Criticized For Alleged Differing Treatment Of NCT DREAM And NCT 127

“Saw both in concert but there’s definitely a difference in how SM is treating them…”

NCT as a whole has been a massive success for SM Entertainment, bringing in tons of revenue for the entertainment label over the last several years. Each of the units of the group have found success in their own ways as well, and both NCT 127 and NCT DREAM have made millions of album sales and have fans across the world wanting to see them in concert.

SM Entertainment has recently announced a 2024 world tour for each of the units separately, which is exciting to NCTzens. But after the posters sharing the confirmed and to-be-announced tour stops were released, a lot of fan excitement turned to frustration and disappointment.

NCT DREAM | SM Entertainment

Their first complaint has to do with the design of the posters themselves. While the poster showing NCT DREAM’s concert dates has a unique design that seems to have taken some creative effort to come up with…

image (3)

Some fans feel like, in comparison, NCT 127’s poster is lackluster and lacking creativity.

image (4)

But that’s not the only complaint fans have. While the dates for NCT DREAM’s not-yet-announced stops at least have estimated dates — Latin America in August-September, the United States in September, and Europe in October-November — all that NCT 127’s poster says that hints at more dates are the words “and more”. Some NCTzens find this vagueness disheartening, since there’s no indication for where else the group might be touring this year.

NCT 127_The 3rd Album 'Sticker'_Teaser Image 2
NCT 127 | SM Entertainment

Some fans wonder if Taeyong‘s upcoming military enlistment could have something to do with the uncertainty, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrated.

Taeyong (NCT)

On another note, fans have also expressed their concern for the health of Mark and Haechan, who are in both units. One of these upcoming tours alone is a lot of work and stress on an idol’s body, and the fact that they’ll likely be expected to take part in both so close together has fans worried for their well-being.

Mark & Haechan (NCT) | SM Entertainment

Here’s how people are reacting to the posters and the alleged varying treatment of NCT 127 and NCT DREAM.







What do you think about this situation?

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa




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