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SMROOKIES’ Eunseok And NCT’s Sungchan Expose Jungwoo’s True Personality From Their Trainee Days

Sungchan and Eunseok didn’t hold back.

Through welcome to NCT Universe, SMROOKIES and NCT proved just how close they were by exposing Jungwoo‘s true personality from their trainee days.

Jungwoo | @sugaringcandy/Instagram

Curious about what Jungwoo was like as a trainee, Taeyong asked Eunseok for the truth. When Doyoung decided to take over and offer an example, Jungwoo was quick to explain himself beforehand. Taeyong made them laugh by shutting Jungwoo down.

Receiving their encouragement, Eunseok shared how Jungwoo took on a leadership role for them. He said, “He tried to lead us.” That’s when Doyoung gave a hilarious example of what kind of leader Jungwoo was.

Doyoung remembered when he and Jungwoo chatted in the practice room until a trainee came along. They asked Jungwoo for permission to practice. All of them burst into laughter as Jungwoo denied being so strict.

Doyoung: We were talking in the vocal practice room. Another trainee came in and said, ‘Hyung, can I practice here?’ He asked that.

Jungwoo: It wasn’t as extreme as that!

Doyoung: For real. It might’ve been one of you.

After hearing that story, Taeyong couldn’t help asking if it was “difficult to approach” Jungwoo back then. Eunseok trailed off, “It wasn’t difficult to approach him, but…

Sungchan stepped in and made everyone laugh. Sungchan answered, “He disciplined us.” Doyoung and Mark enjoyed teasing Jungwoo most.

Teasing aside, Jungwoo explained why he’d come across as a bit strict back then. He’d only wanted to do his best to care for the other trainees.

I wasn’t exactly the leader, but I was the oldest. I was left with them, and I lacked as well. I wondered how I could lead them.

— Jungwoo

Eunseok praised Jungwoo as a cute “baby boss” that led the trainees on their journey.

Although Jungwoo is quick to smile and crack jokes, he also has a serious side that’s thinking of helping others like the SMROOKIES.

| @sugaringcandy/Instagram




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