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T.O.P Reveals He Has Withdrawn From BIGBANG

T.O.P has personally announced his withdrawal from BIGBANG.

On May 30, T.O.P shared an Instagram post with one photo captioned “still making my albums.” The following day, a fan commented to ask T.O.P if he had left BIGBANG, to which he responded, “I’ve already withdrawn.”

T.O.P elaborated, “I’ve already told you guys that I’m leaving and I’m now facing a new chapter in my life since last year.”

Another fan commented to ask whether it was true that he was coming back and T.O.P clarified, “solo.”

Last February, T.O.P parted ways with YG Entertainment after 16 years. At the time, the agency explained that T.O.P would continue to partake in BIGBANG’s group activities when he is able to, beginning with their last comeback with “Still Life.”

In December, it was confirmed that T.O.P will be participating as one of eight crew members for the dearMoon Project, SpaceX’s lunar tourism project.

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