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Textured Skin FTW — Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Stuns With Unedited Photos For Getty

She passed the “Getty Images Test.”

Getty Images is known for being ruthless when it comes to photos. They are purely unedited, raw, and probably taken in the worst possible angle and lighting. Despite this, a few celebrities manage to survive the Getty Images test.

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA is one of the greatest beauties transcending generations. She has won multiple polls amongst idols for top beauties in real life, cementing her reputation as a gorgeous being.

Even Getty Images was no match for her. YoonA stunned in images taken for MiuMiu‘s fashion show in Paris on October 3, 2023.

Her skin looked natural and textured under the harsh lights. Despite this, she had nary a pimple in sight.

She greeted fans with perfect poise.

She wore their matching top, jacket, and skirt set in wool and cashmere. YoonA topped the outfit off with the Arcadie bag.

Of course, her perfect skin comes as no surprise. Even in an ultimate close-up using a camera phone, YoonA’s skin looked flawless.

Some of us are just born with it!

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