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“The Hardest Step Is…” SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Reveals The Vigorous Process Of Having One Of His Songs Passed For A Title Track

It’s the process that allowed CARATs to hear some of the most iconic songs!

When it comes to bringing out amazing but diverse title tracks, the SEVENTEEN members are truly the kings of concepts.

Members of SEVENTEEN | @17/Twitter

Throughout the years, they have released some of the most iconic songs in K-Pop, changing style, mood, and concept while keeping the core identity of SEVENTEEN.


Along with the members’ amazing talents, one person who is the center of SEVENTEEN is Woozi. While he is an amazing singer, dancer, and visual, the idol has also been the driving force in making the group’s songs since before they even debuted.


Recently, the idol shared the steps that have to happen for one of his songs to be made a title track.

Ahead of the group’s comeback, Woozi did a short live broadcast from his studio.

| SEVENTEEN/Weverse 

During the broadcast, while telling CARATs to trust his skills with the upcoming song, the idol gained attention after revealing the steps that have to take place for a song to become SEVENTEEN’s title track.

To start, Woozi explained that it was just his experience and that after making music for so long, the first step was his own standard and whether he thought it would be good for the group to release it.

I have to think that if SEVENTEEN releases the [song], it would be really cool. My standards are really high. So, I have to pass that.

— Woozi


After it passes Woozi’s own high standards, the idol explained that it goes through employees at Pledis and HYBE. It’s not as simple as just them liking it or not, and there needs to be a majority for it to be passed.

All the employees have to meet about it too. During that meeting, 80-90% of the employees have to like the “The Hardest Step Is…” SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Reveals The Vigorous Process Of Having One Of His Songs Passed For A Title Track song.

— Woozi

| SEVENTEEN/Weverse 

When it’s gone through so many HYBE employees, Woozi explained that the final hurdle is the SEVENTEEN members, who also have very high standards.

Woozi added that satisfying the members is the hardest thing, but once that happens, the title track can be confirmed.

| SEVENTEEN/Weverse 

SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN is set to be released later in the month, and the title track “God Of Music” would have gone through the same process…

While the songs take a long time and a long process to be confirmed for title tracks, Woozi always delivers with every song he writes and produces. Similarly, in the latest album, Woozi has credits in both writing and composing for every song… a true legend.

Source: SEVENTEEN/Weverse




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