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“I Zipped My Pants Up”: Kep1er’s Youngeun Shares Funny Behind-The-Scenes Story With NCT

She filmed a TikTok with 2 NCT stars 😍

Kep1er‘s Youngeun recently had a dream come true when she collaborated with NCT members Taeyong and Haechan on a TikTok video and performed a bit of the choreography for the group’s latest single, “Fact Check.” This was a big deal for Youngeun as she had initially auditioned for a spot in Kep1er by performing an NCT 127 song, “Kick It,” on the show Girls Planet 999.

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Fans, aware of how much this must mean to the young idol, made sure to ask for any fun facts about her meet-up with the two NCT stars. In a recent online fan signing event, Youngeun was asked if she had any fun behind-the-scenes story from the interaction. Ever the sincere idol, Youngeun told the fan that Taeyong and Haechan gave her a signed album, which she was very happy to receive.


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♬ Fact Check – NCT 127

But, the fan went one step further and pointed out one of the most hilarious facts about Youngeun’s audition with “Kick It.” her pants were unzipped! Though you couldn’t really tell on during the performance, the Kep1er star revealed later on in the show that her pants were unzipped during several of the songs she had to perform. She shared that she had gone to the bathroom and had hilariously forgotten to zip them back up after coming out.

Now that she had the chance to film a TikTok with NCT, the fan was curious about how Youngeun felt. Youngeun didn’t miss the chance to let everyone know whether her pants were zipped up this time or not.

I zipped my pants well yesterday! It was great and now that I met them after becoming an idol it feels fascinating.

— Kep1er’s Youngeun

The interaction also touched upon whether the NCT members were aware of her “Kick It” performance. Youngeun admitted that it wasn’t discussed, leaving her uncertain if NCT was aware of that whimsical incident. Even without discussing the past, the TikTok collaboration was a joyful experience for Youngeun, showcasing a full-circle moment from being a fan performing an NCT song to working alongside them.

Oh, it wasn’t mentioned. I didn’t mention it, so I don’t know if they know.

— Kep1er’s Youngeun

The TikTok video symbolizes a significant milestone for Youngeun, showing how far she has come since her audition days. Her humble and humorous interaction with fans about this experience further highlighted her down-to-earth personality, making the story all the more endearing to fans of both Kep1er and NCT.



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