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The Item NCT’s Jaemin Must Buy When He’s In The U.S.

“There are many varieties of…”

NCT‘s Jaemin is known for his talents as an idol and an actor and is frequently praised for his handsome visuals and kind personality.

NCT’s Jaemin | MBC

Recently, it was announced that Jaemin would be featured in ESQUIRE Korea magazine in collaboration with the designer brand Fendi.

The talented NCT member landed the cover and is already stunning netizens with his visuals in the preview photos released from the upcoming February 2024 edition of ESQUIRE Korea.


Ahead of the release of the February 2024 edition, Jaemin sat down with ESQUIRE Korea to film an “IN STAR” interview.

During the interview, he discussed his secret to finding fan cams in the audience, his self-discipline, his winter routine, and the items he must buy when he’s overseas.

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

NCT’s Jaemin has recently been driving fans wild with his muscular physique and surprised NCTzens with a recent “sexy shirtless” picture that he posted to the artist-to-fan communication app, Bubble.

NCT’s Jaemin Shares A Sexy Shirtless Pic, But His Message After Is What Makes Fans Truly “Feral”

Jaemin’s must-buy item while in the U.S. may be contributing to his muscular appearance, as the NCT member revealed that he specifically buys protein shakes and protein powders when traveling in America because of the “many varieties” available.

Jaemin is known for his strict self-discipline; check out more on that in the video below!




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