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Former PRISTIN’s Kyla Impresses Netizens With Incredible Post-Disbandment Accomplishments

“Girly has been girl bossing!”

PRISTIN debuted under Pledis Entertainment in 2017 and is an example of a group that disbanded too soon but is still beloved today.

The group disbanded only two years after their debut, and former member Kyla explained that the reason was a culmination of undisclosed happenings that went on behind the scenes, which led to a mutual agreement to go their separate ways. The members continued to keep in touch following their disbandment.

PRISTIN | Pledis Entertainment

Kyla Massie, the group’s maknae, was on hiatus for her health when the group disbanded. Still, she’s frequently addressed fans since the group’s disbandment, updating netizens on her life, answering questions about the group, and even releasing solo songs.

Kyla | Pledis Entertainment

Kyla recently revived her TikTok account and began updating fans on the latest chapters in her life, including her upcoming college graduation date, which happened to align with the date PRISTIN’s contract would have expired had they remained together for the length of their contracts.

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Following her video about her upcoming graduation, which earned over 1.4 million views and many appreciative comments from fans who were excited to hear from the former idol, she posted an additional update, letting fans know exactly what she’s been up to since 2019.

| @kyla.massie/Instagram

Following the group’s disbandment, Kyla revealed that she went back to high school, and when the COVID-19 pandemic began, she channeled her energy into writing music again, releasing an EP called Watch Me Glow.

After graduating high school, Kyla began attending a community college in California and participated in a biodiversity initiative project doing independent research on native California medicinal plants. She was also able to help with a rat project that earned her a grant.

Following her research, she presented her findings at two different conferences.

During her sophomore year, she volunteered at Kaiser Permanente, an American integrated managed care consortium in California, where she became a care partner in the NICU.

That summer, she got an Undergraduate Research fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where she researched the immune responses of different organs in mouse models based on intermittent hypoxia conditions. The research was published in 2023, officially making Kyla a published author!

Kyla then transferred to the University of California San Diego and began majoring in Psychology before switching to Biological Anthropology. She spent her first quarter volunteering in a lab researching William’s Syndrome, a multisystem disorder, and she is currently a teacher’s assistant for a professor.

Kyla concluded the video by revealing she is studying to take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and hopes to be in medical school next year.

She also revealed that she’s been in a happy relationship with her boyfriend for almost four years.

Netizens were beyond impressed with Kyla’s incredible accomplishments over the past few years and are excited to follow her on her path to medical school.

| @kyla.massie/TikTok

Check out more on Kyla’s recent whereabouts in the video below!


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