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“The Ultimate Girlfriend Look” — TWICE’s Sana Stuns In Prada At Incheon Airport

Netizens have nothing but praise for her beauty.

TWICE‘s Sana left South Korea for Italy in order to attend an event for luxury house Prada. As their ambassador, the star looked gorgeous dressed for the fall in Prada clothes.

She paired a brown houndstooth jacket with a knitted turtleneck.

The overall color palette screamed autumn vibes!

We love the gold button details on the blazer.

She carried a crescent-shaped hobo bag to match.

The knee socks and loafers are the cherry atop the cake.

She even treated fans to “girlfriend vibe pics” on Instagram.

The look is definitely one for the books.

Netizens were blown away by her beauty.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • She seemed like a power-idol before, but as she moves to her late 20s, she looks like a Japanese actress.
  • She looks like Sailor Moon. Pretty.
  • I looked at the pictures with my jaw dropped.
  • I think she got even prettier as she gains years in her career. Personally, I think people enter their legendary stage in their late 20s, be in guys or girls. They find their own style and color so it’s the point where their beauty is on the rise.
  • Her jawline is so luxurious.
  • why am I reminded of Sailor Moon? Anyway, f*cking pretty.
  • Oh my, Sana is so pretty.
  • Wow, so pretty.
  • She’s so pretty. Fall vibes.
  • So hot, Queencard.

Have a safe flight, Sana!




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