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Jessi Has The Best Clap Back At A Someone Unnecessarily Comparing Her To BLACKPINK Members

Jessi has never let haters get her down.

Since her initial rise to stardom, Jessi has always found ways to stay on people’s minds. Jessi is always a hot topic, whether it’s her outspoken and often hilarious personality or her catchy and memorable verses!


One other thing that Jessi is always known for is not being afraid to show off her body in the sexiest outfits imaginable.

| @jessicah_o/Instagram
| @jessicah_o/Instagram
| @jessicah_o/Instagram


She’s often dealt with haters who have something to say about her looks directly, always sticking up for herself and others.

Jessi Hits Back At A Hate Comment On Instagram After Shocking Netizens With Her Unreal Figure In A Sexy AF Outfit

Recently, the star had to deal with someone leaving a comment that made a comparison unnecessarily!

Throughout the summer, Jessi hit the stage at some of the hottest festivals, including WATERBOMB and Psy‘s Summer Swag series. With those performances came super sexy outfits worn to beat the heat and to look good.

Her latest performance was at 2023 WATERBOMB Jeju, where she wore a sexy Versace one-piece swimsuit and a pair of silver knee-high boots.

| @jessicah_o/Instagram
| @jessicah_o/Instagram
| @jessicah_o/Instagram

Many of the comments praised Jessi for her performance and beauty…

…while there was one that stood out to many, including Jessi.

One person commenting made an unnecessary comparison between Jessi and BLACKPINK, talking about how Jessi was wearing something revealing and how they’d get attacked if someone in BLACKPINK wore the same.

While women’s bodies are overpoliced, like in MAMAMOO Hwasa‘s recent cases, it is harmful to direct comments like this toward other women for wearing revealing things.

Jessi clapped back, simply stating that she could wear whatever she wanted.

Thankfully, Jessi has never let negative comments like this get her down and will always be true to herself!



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