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These 10+ Photos And Videos Of TXT In Jakarta Are So Stunning, They’ll Make You Want To Save Them On Your Phone ASAP

#9 is too much for our hearts.

TXT continues to amaze everyone with their drop dead gorgeous visuals! They recently visited Jakarta, Indonesia, for their concert tour and impressed fans with their talent, personalities, and looks.

Check out some of their best photos below!

1. Yeonjun

First up, the way Yeonjun brushed his hair back was almost too hot.

2. Yeonjun and Soobin

An irresistible combination: cool Yeonjun and cute Soobin!

3. Soobin and Hueningkai

At the same time, who doesn’t love looking at two natural cuties—Soobin and Hueningkai?

4. Taehyun

Taehyun’s smile is absolutely contagious.

5. Beomgyu

Beomgyu is effortlessly adorable.

6. Hueningkai

Hueningkai can pass as a Greek god for sure.

7. Yeonjun

It’s almost unfair how cute Yeonjun is when sticking his tongue out.

8. Soobin

Soobin’s tall stature and flawless skin were even more evident up close.

9. Soobin

He’s the type of person who could easily turn heads wherever he goes.

10. Beomgyu and Yeonjun

No matter how close the camera got to Beomgyu’s and Yeonjun’s faces, their handsomeness never diminished.

11. Taehyun

Taehyun is absolutely magnetic on stage.

12. Beomgyu

Beomgyu’s visuals were delicate and breathtaking.

13. Yeonjun

Lastly, being on the receiving end of Yeonjun’s smirk will be something any fan will remember forever.




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