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“They Yelled At Her”: Furious Red Velvet Fans Demand Apology From SBS Following Joy Incident

“SBS Apologize To Joy” surged to Twitter’s trending list.

Tensions rose earlier today outside the SBS building as an incident involving a staff member and Red Velvet’s Joy quickly became the talk of the town. The hashtag “SBS Apologize To Joy” surged to Twitter’s trending list, with fans expressing their disappointment and anger over the unexpected clash.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Joy is one of the current hosts for SBS’s show Animal Farm. Her visits to the SBS building have now become anticipated occasions, with throngs of fans gathering outside to catch a glimpse of the idol, shower her with gifts, and snap photos.

Joy posing for fans. | @ChinaJoyBar/Twitter

Over time, these instances have transformed into charming, impromptu fan meets where the singer gets a chance to personally connect with her fans before diving into work.


However, today’s visit was far from routine. Instead of the usual heartwarming interactions, fans witnessed an SBS staff member shouting at Joy, urging her to break away from her fans and immediately enter the building. The abrupt confrontation stunned everyone present.

Numerous fans took to social media to share their views on the situation.

Clearly, the anger was palpable, with countless fans echoing these sentiments.

The question on everyone’s mind was simple: Why was Joy, who’s always been known to greet fans outside the SBS building, suddenly being denied this? To many, the staff member’s actions seemed unfounded, especially given Joy’s history of peaceful interactions with her fans.

Thankfully, in the midst of this escalating controversy, some clarity was provided. According to fans present at the scene, the staff member later emerged from the building to offer an explanation and apology.

The primary concern, as stated by him, was related to safety. Given the ever-increasing number of fans showing up to see Joy, ensuring everyone’s security had become a pressing issue.

One understanding fan relayed the guard’s message on Twitter.

While safety is undeniably paramount, fans hope that future situations can be addressed with more tact and respect. This incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance that exists between celebrities, their loving fans, and the staff ensuring their safety.

Both SBS and Joy’s fans are undoubtedly looking forward to smoother interactions in the future, with each side understanding and respecting each other’s concerns.

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