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TWICE Chaeyoung’s Kind Interaction With Model Naomi Campbell Is Everything

They’re an iconic duo fans didn’t expect to see.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung recently became a trending topic after attending Ferragamo‘s fashion show for Milan Fashion Week, thanks to her stylish look and pretty visuals.

Chaeyoung | @chaeyo.0/Instagram

She also caught attention for her kind interaction with legendary UK model Naomi Campbell.

Naomi Campbell | @naomi/Instagram

In a behind-the-scenes clip shared by W Korea magazine, Chaeyoung and Naomi Campbell were spotted having a friendly chat.

Naomi Campbell even seemed to pay the idol a compliment, which she politely thanked her for.

Moments later, Chaeyoung returned the favor and complimented Naomi Campbell as well, gesturing to her outfit.

The two continued to have a friendly chat, with Naomi Campbell so interested that she leaned in closer to hear better.

Since seeing Chaeyoung and Naomi Campbell in the same room wasn’t something anyone expected, everyone enjoyed the heartwarming interaction.




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