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Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Saying Everything Is Gonna Be Okay Might Be Just The Reassurance You Need Today

He’s always so kind and supportive ♥

Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan is a K-Pop idol known for his frequent interactions with fans through livestreams and other media, oftentimes giving advice or reassurance to those in need.

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

Through his ongoing series Chan’s Room, there have been countless times where the K-Pop idol has directly answered fans’ comments and questions in the sweetest way, showing just how kind of a person he is.

And these kinds of interactions aren’t just limited to his Chan’s Room livestreams — he seems to take pretty much any opportunity he can to share his love and appreciation for Stray Kids fans!

A clip that’s currently making the rounds on Twitter is from a livestream Bang Chan did on TikTok, and though it’s short, the reassurance that he gives to the person he’s responding to is incredibly sweet.

In response to the fan saying they’re crying, he says, “Don’t cry, everything’s gonna be okay”.

STAYs are having some pretty relatable reactions to the short but sweet and reassuring clip on social media, and we definitely feel them.

This is definitely a great clip to save for when you’re having a bad day!

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