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TWICE Momo’s Ridiculously Difficult Workout Resulted In Her Incredible Body

Amateurs, do not attempt.

TWICE‘s Momo is the group’s main dancer, and has been known for both her incredible dancing skills…

…as well as for her insane body line!


Momo went viral a few years ago for her crazy “twist plank” workout, where she does a plank, and then twists from side to side, and gained praise from netizens for her strength and stamina!


And she’s gone viral for her intense workouts again! Momo also shared her workout videos with her fans on Bubble, and she’s shocking everyone with the lifting she does at the gym!

Momo also included a video of her doing pull-ups, and the strength she has is absolutely insane!

This prompted netizens to start sharing pictures and videos of Momo’s gorgeous figure, such as her fit at a radio show event…

…and also brought up the time she went viral for her fit body, alongside Jihyo and Nayeon!

They also shared shots of Momo’s abs that were on full display during TWICE’s cover of SHINee Taemin‘s “Move” for KBS-2TV in 2019, and her powerful dancing just accentuated her incredible bodyline!

| The Qoo

Ever since her debut, fans have been in love with her dancing…

…as well as her insanely fit physique!

| @twicetagram/Instagram
| JYP Entertainment

With the power she holds, no wonder netizens are going crazy over Momo’s visuals!




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