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Why BIBI Gave Condoms To Her Foreign Fans…And Something Completely Different To South Koreans

Which would you rather receive?

BIBI is one of the most famous Korean soloists. Fans flock to her concerts to see her skilled dancing, hear her live vocals, and be amazed at her incredible stage presence.

They also love her dedication to fanservice, something she talked about in greater detail in a recent interview with Radio Star. Here, she mentioned that she takes great pride in giving a little extra something to her viewers.

I provide a lot of other fan services so I hope a lot of you come to my concerts.


Her most viral fanservice was arguably the one she did in 2021 for the Head In The Clouds music festival. Held in Los Angeles, California, the crowd was filled with predominantly American viewers.


She grabbed everyone’s attention when she started throwing condoms from the stage.

So there’s a song called “Cigarette and Condom.” The lyrics are, “cigarette and con them” so I handed out condoms.

In the interview, she explained that she did so because she believed it was something they’d need after the festival. Moreover, the United States is a much more progressive country compared to most of the world, and so she correctly assumed that they would not find an issue with her fanservice.

I mean, people need them! [And] I was performing in the States and I thought the U.S. was a very open country.


On the opposite end, she gave her fans in South Korea a much more wholesome gift presumably because of their more conservative culture.

In Korea I handed out gummy bears.


Check out the full video below to learn more about BIBI.



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