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TWICE’s Nayeon Posted A Censored Photo Of Momo…Without Realizing She Already Spoiled It Earlier

The internet is forever.

The internet is forever, especially when it comes to K-Pop idols. This applied to TWICE‘s Nayeon when she posted a set of selfies on Instagram.

On November 29, the “POP” singer attended the opening of a Swarovski branch in Seoul, stopping people in their tracks with her adorable visuals in a fluffy cream dress.

She then shared behind the scenes photos of herself in the store. She held up her iPhone and took an adorable mirror selfie, showing off her breathtaking close-up visuals.

Fans immediately noticed something else that was notable about the photo: she had a Polaroid photo of fellow member Momo on the back of her case!

Hilariously, the second selfie she posted had a brown heart emoji covering Momo’s face. It was as if Nayeon had forgotten that the previous picture she posted already exposed the rare photo to all her followers!

Fans noticed her adorable blunder, loving how nonchalantly she tried to protect her friend’s privacy the second time despite not deleting the original picture.

One thing is certain: Momo and Nayeon have an adorable friendship!




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