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What Happened When Gong Yoo Reconnected With His First Love On TV And Confessed His Feelings?

Back in the early 2000s, South Korea had a famous TV show called TV Carries The Love (literal translation). The aim of the show was to reunite famous people with their past crushes, friends, lovers, or even just acquaintances. Actor Gong Yoo once appeared on an episode in 2002 to find his first love from high school.

According to the reenactment of his story, the pair first met when he was in high school. In his first year, many of his friends were making a fuss over a popular girl in their district. He ended up falling for her at first sight and even made a call from a phone booth to her. Of course, she had no idea who he was or how he got her phone number!

Later on, they realized that they attended the same after-school academy. They would go to noraebangs and eat after class as a group of friends. One day, he even shooed away a suitor that was bothering her.

Unfortunately, he was unable to confess his feelings towards her because she stopped attending the after-school academy. But a while later, he ran into her on the streets. Sadly, she was on a date with the suitor he chased away!

But thanks to the show, she finally re-appeared in front of his very eyes after all those years!

And his smile was absolutely adorable when he saw her. He confessed belatedly that he had really liked her back then. Unfortunately, she explained that while on one hand, she thought he was a good guy, she had no intentions of dating back then when they attended the same class. Furthermore, she had only thought his interest in her was temporary, and did not take it seriously when people joked that Gong Yoo liked her.

The show MCs tried to urge the two of them to get reacquainted. Sadly for him, the story doesn’t have a happy ending! It turns out, she was already seeing someone.

Despite that, the two headed backstage to chat more and surely to become friends again! What a refreshing story of youth. Check out the full episode below.




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