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TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals That The Viral Meme Of Her And Momo Was Actually All An Act

It’s not too far from the truth, though.

In an interview with ELLE KOREATWICE‘s Nayeon shared the story behind her viral time-lapse meme with Momo.

It’s a legendary video within the K-Pop community, and many fandoms have caught their own faves mirroring the dynamics between Nayeon and Momo.

When ELLE asked Nayeon for the story behind the viral meme, Nayeon passionately responded, saying that this was something she had wanted to clarify for a long time.

| 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA/YouTube

Momo does tend to be very still, while Nayeon is more talkative and energetic. However, this video isn’t capturing their typical dynamic but rather a purposeful exaggeration of it.

If you look closely, Momo is staring at one spot the entire time while Nayeon flails around next to her, moving more than she usually would and grabbing things here and there to highlight the contrast further. It was a deliberate setup by the two of them, and while Momo does space out a lot, she wouldn’t have been able to ignore Nayeon’s antics for so long.

Nayeon lamented that no one knew that it was all just an act since now people think Nayeon is actually that hyper. In reality, she’s a little more toned down.

Even though it was all an act, Momo and Nayeon have a very similar dynamic, thanks to their many years of friendship. Momo and Nayeon have always shared the same dorm, so naturally, they spend most of their time together.

The two are completely open with each other, to the point where they don’t take much interest in each other unless they purposely have a deep talk. It might sound a little cold, but it’s what happens to any close pair of friends. If you see someone 24/7, you wouldn’t need to ask how their day was: you already know everything. If you can be in comfortable silence with each other, that’s how you know the friendship is strong.

That being said, there’s never a boring moment in their friendship. Momo and Nayeon have some of the most iconic memes in K-pop, and there’s no doubt that there will continue to be more.




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