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SEVENTEEN’s Parents Show Their Support At Their “Be The Sun” Concert In Jakarta, And Dino’s Father Steals The Spotlight, And Our Hearts

Dancing runs in the family.

SEVENTEEN kicked off their BE THE SUN tour in Asia, starting in Jakarta, Indonesia, and as always, they lit up the venue with their passionate performances. But the ones who stole the show were SEVENTEEN’s families who had come to show their support.

VernonHoshi, and Jeonghan‘s fathers were spotted sitting together in the audience for the concert, and many suspect that the man in the purple mask is Wonwoo‘s brother. There are also claims from concert attendees that some other family members of SEVENTEEN were there. Regardless, it’s always great to see supportive families, especially since CARATs know that SEVENTEEN, including their blood-related families, are one big family.

Seungkwan‘s mother was also possibly in the audience, and even if she wasn’t, Indonesian CARATs sang her the warmest “Happy Birthday” song. The bond between SEVENTEEN, their families, and CARATs is adorable, and it’s clear that the love and support everyone has for each other is overwhelming.

But the person who was the highlight of the concert in Jakarta wasn’t any member of SEVENTEEN, but Dino‘s father. As is tradition, SEVENTEEN gave members of the audience a freestyle spotlight during “Snap Shoot,” and the members chose Dino’s father. He didn’t disappoint, and while it’s a shame the security guard stopped the dance early, we were still treated to the cutest dance break ever.

Here’s a clearer version of Dino’s dad having the time of his life, and the resemblance between him and Dino is uncanny.

Dino’s father also loves to dance, and his short performance is proof of the hard work he’s been putting in these days to practice freestyle.

Hopefully, we’ll get that father-son danceology soon. For now, we’ll just gush over how adorable SEVENTEEN and their families are.




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