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TWICE’s Sana Didn’t Let Anyone Stop Her From Getting Red Velvet Wendy’s Phone Number

Not only is TWICE‘s Sana one of the idols that many want to be friends with, but she isn’t shy about getting close with others. When she appeared on Wendy’s Youngstreet, she amused viewers with how eager she was to get Red Velvet‘s Wendy‘s phone number.

Sana | @m.by__sana/Instagram

When Wendy passed her phone to Sana, Sana quickly put her own phone number into the contacts. While some people would’ve stopped there, Sana decided to cover all the bases.

Sana didn’t want to wait to have Wendy’s phone number. She called herself on Wendy’s phone and made sure the call went through by checking her own phone.

She was so thorough in getting Wendy’s phone number that Sana couldn’t help laughing at herself—and wasn’t the only one.

Fans were loving how Sana went the extra mile to make sure both of them had each other’s contact information. No wonder so many female fans want to marry Sana.

It looks like Sana is well on her way to becoming close friends with Wendy.

Wendy | @todayis_wendy/Instagram



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