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TWICE’s Stylist Is Under Fire For Nayeon’s “Avoidable” Wardrobe Malfunction

“Whoever styled her needs to be fired.”

TWICE recently held day one of their TWICE 5TH WORLD TOUR ‘READY TO BE’ in Nagoya, Japan. Although fans were excited to see new stage outfits and dance breaks for their solo stages, ONCEs ended up disappointed by a wardrobe malfunction the group’s stylist could’ve prevented.

Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram

Despite the excitement for Nayeon‘s new dance break in “POP!”, the idol’s uncomfortable stage outfit immediately caught fans’ attention. As soon as Nayeon began dancing, her red skirt lifted to show her safety shorts underneath.

As an experienced idol, Nayeon quickly pulled her skirt down and continued with the performance.

However, the skirt still wouldn’t stay in place. Nayeon had to hold the skirt down until the very end of the stage.

Despite how professional Nayeon was about the wardrobe malfunction, fans voiced their thoughts about the incident.

ONCEs commented their anger about the group’s stylist choosing the short skirt. They also pointed out how the incident could’ve been avoided by making the skirt longer or securing it in place.

Although Nayeon had safety shorts on to prevent any serious harm, the situation could’ve ended very differently for a different idol or with a different outfit.




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