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Fans Entertained By The “Bible Gap” Between TXT’s Soobin And OH MY GIRL’s Arin

They recently performed together.

TXT‘s Soobin and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin are the lovable duo known as the “Ahkong MC” couple.

Although they are close in real life, they are careful not to have any contact with each other during performances. To this day, they have performed together on stage countless times. During the most recent 2023 KBS Song Festival, they performed “Dun Dun Dance” together. True to their reputation, they kept their hands far apart during a “hand heart” dance move

Fans were entertained by the bible gap between the two.

Some jokingly called it “social distancing.”

This is not their first time they kept their distance from each other on stage. During their first combined special performance ever, they left a gap between their hands during a pair dance move.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t close! Soobin has mentioned his friendship with Arin multiple times. Read more about it below.

TXT’s Soobin Names The K-Pop Idol Who’s Always Been The Friendliest To Him



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