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TXT’s Soobin “Comes Clean” About A Lingering Mystery From The Group’s Debut Era

He hilariously spills the truth about something TXT denied in the past.

TXT recently spilled behind-the-scenes information about some of their hit songs’ music videos with Cosmopolitan and relieved MOAs’ curiosity about one specific scene in their “Cat & Dog” music video four years after its release.

(From left to right) TXT’s Hueningkai, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, Soobin, and Taehyun | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

TXT is currently promoting their new mini-album and title track, “Sugar Rush Ride.” In honor of their recent comeback, they broke down a few of their past music videos from their debut to their recent concept videos for The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION.

One of the music videos they broke down was for their debut-era release, “Cat & Dog.”

TXT in their “Cat & Dog” MV in 2019 | TOMORROW X TOGETHER OFFICIAL/YouTube

The members couldn’t get over how young they looked in the video, having been only 16-19 years old at the time.

Taehyun shared that it was a sunny and cold day when they filmed the music video, and Hueningkai added that it was the first music video they ever shot.

After Hueningkai spoke, it seemed like Soobin had a sudden recollection and hilariously stated that there was something he “really wanted to say” about the end of the music video before jokingly exposing Hueningkai, Beomgyu, and himself.

In the final scene of the “Cat & Dog” music video, the five members were asleep on a bed. As the camera zoomed in, only Taehyun and Yeonjun opened their eyes, leading some fans to believe there was a hidden meaning behind the other three members remaining asleep.

Soobin felt that it was finally time to “come clean” on the four-year mystery.

The group’s leader revealed there was no hidden message; all five members were supposed to have opened their eyes. The reality was that it was late, the members were tired, and only Yeonjun and Taehyun were able to open their eyes because the others had fallen asleep.

TXT had previously discussed this scene in 2019, hilariously “accusing” maknae Hueningkai of falling asleep, to which he denied the claims at the time.

TXT reacting to their “Cat & Dog” MV in 2019 | TOMORROW X TOGETHER OFFICIAL/YouTube

Now, the truth is out, and the mystery is solved.

For more on TXT music video secrets, check out the video below!




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