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Why EXO’s Xiumin Fully Believes The Group “Can’t Perform” Without Chen

We love their friendship!

EXO‘s Xiumin recently appeared SM Entertainment‘s survival program NCT Universe: LASTART which aims to determine the members of the next NCT sub-unit.

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He met the trainees who will be covering their song “Electric Kiss” (2018) and watched their performance. Like the senior artist that he is, Xiumin gave them all advice based on his experience.

One trainee, Jungmin, was singled out by Xiumin who noticed that he shared the same role as fellow member Chen. He suggested that he pay close attention to the way the latter performs in order to improve his stage presence.

You’re not getting the spotlight. You just keep hitting the high notes…you should watch Chen’s videos singing the high notes and how he managed to pull them off.

— Xiumin

Chen, one of the main vocalists of the group, perfectly pulled off the high notes throughout the intense choreography of “Electric Kiss.” His adlibs helped maximize the performance level and beauty of the song.

According to Xiumin, Chen’s role in the group is so important that they “can’t perform” without him.

A long time ago, Chen used to support the group too. That’s why EXO can’t perform without Chen.

— Xiumin

Fans were quick to agree with Xiumin’s words. They noticed that the member in question has been “doing the hardest parts” in songs ever since they debuted in 2012.

They also acknowledged the older member’s observation of Chen’s technical skills.

Xiumin has a history of praising his friend’s hard work and talent, and now is no exception.

Jungmin took his senior’s advice seriously and put on an even better show later on.

Read more about Xiumin’s appearance on NCT Universe: LaSTART below.

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