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Why NCT 127 Faced A Lot Of Cancellations And Rescheduling While Filming “2 Baddies”

It was an obstacle they couldn’t avoid.

When NCT 127 reacted to their music video “2 Baddies”, Taeyong revealed that it took much longer to film than expected. The leader shared the major obstacle that originally set them behind schedule.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Looking back on the filming process for the music video, Doyoung and Taeyong pointed out the “many cancellations” and “reschedules” they faced. It all stemmed from something the group couldn’t avoid.

Taeyong revealed that nature threw a wrench in their plans. He said, “When we were shooting the music video, it was pouring often.

The leader explained how it changed the timeline for filming, “In some way, we worked on it for [a] long [time].” Although it seemed like a drawback at the time, Taeyong noticed how it affected the final product.

After seeing how well the music video came out, Taeyong said, “I think that played a part in getting better results.

If the rain hadn’t delayed the group’s filming schedule, “2 Baddies” might’ve turned out a bit different than the final version.




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