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CARATs Biggest Monday Problem Was Figuring Out Which Of SEVENTEEN’s 5 Small White Dogs It Was In A Pic

Welcome to Mondays in CARATLAND.

CARATs were having a great Monday morning with SEVENTEEN on September 19, 2022. They got the release of Mingyu‘s ELLE magazine cover…

…a teaser for Jun‘s solo….

…a sweet selfie of Joshua with his mom…

…and of course, the cutest Instagram update of THE8 with a puppy.

The biggest dilemma CARATs had that day was simply figuring out who’s white dog it was with THE8. The answer may surprise you. To recap, the boys of SEVENTEEN have a total of 5 white dogs. The running joke is it that their families subscribe to the “white small dog in Asian families” trope where it is common for Asian families to own a tiny white creature. Bonus points if the dog is named after a white food item. The five dogs look so similar that CARATs made their own guide to which dog was which.

Our personal favorite is Bobpul for its name, which means “rice grain”.

Guide to SEVENTEEN’s white puppies. | @cheolattes/Twitter

While CARATs were busy trying to figure out which dog it was that THE8 was carrying, he continued to provide fans with adorable interactions with the puppy.

Fans seemed to have ruled out Uju for this one, but it didn’t take away the confusion.

But wait a minute — Daegal? If you’re wondering who Daegal is, Daegal belongs to NCT‘s Chenle. Chenle is also known to be close friends with THE8 as they are both part of K-Pop’s China-line, Chinese idols promoting in South Korea.

Save Daegal Daegal and Chenle. | NCT Dream

While fans aren’t ruling out the possibility that THE8’s holding onto Daegal, it would mean that Chenle visited the HYBE building where THE8 was, but Chenle was nowhere to be seen in the video uploaded by THE8. Aji was ruled out thanks to a recent shave.

Fans are convinced its a conspiracy.

While the answer isn’t out yet, at least we know one thing for sure. It sure as hell isn’t Doljjong.

Jeonghan the only sane one in SEVENTEEN and his pet rock, Doljjong. | SEVENTEEN




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