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Why We’re Hoping For BTS’s Suga And TXT’s Soobin To Do A Joint Weverse Live

We live for the BTS x TXT crumbs!

While HYBE continues to get bigger and bigger, there are still only two boy groups under the subsidiary company BIGHIT MUSIC: BTS and their juniors TXT.

BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun

So, naturally, the members have an affinity for each other, and we live for their interactions.

Just recently, TXT’s Yeonjun and Hueningkai did the “on the street” TikTok challenge with BTS’s J-Hope.


길을 걷다 만난 Happy한 #투모로우바이투게더 동생들과???? 오늘도 #홉온스 ???? #줴홉온더스트릿 #jhope_onthestreet #연준 #YEONJUN #휴닝카이 #HUENINGKAI #TXT #jhope #제이홉 @txt.bighitent

♬ on the street (with J. Cole) – j-hope & J. Cole

Now, Suga gave Soobin a shoutout during a live broadcast.

Suga | Weverse

Suga held a live broadcast via Weverse, celebrating his 30th birthday. During it, he described seeing TXT do fancalls and specially mentioned Soobin doing an aegyo challenge.

I was passing by the company studio and TXT were doing phone fancalls, I was thinking, ‘Oh, we do things like this now. Wow.’ I saw the ‘Sorry, I’m cute’ challenge; I think it was Soobin’s? He’s so good at it like how does he do this?

— Suga

For context, this is the “Sorry, I’m Cute” challenge Suga was referring to…

Soobin has also mentioned Suga a few times during live broadcasts. Last year, he and Beomgyu wished Suga a happy birthday.

Most recently, Suga was given a shoutout by Soobin. Previously, he and SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan mentioned Agust D‘s “Daechwita.”

Soobin has even reacted to the famous “Yoongi, marry me” comments during his live broadcast…

TXT’s Soobin Has The Best Response To A Fan Commenting “Yoongi Marry Me” During His Live Broadcast

With these crumbs, we’re hoping that it means that Suga and Soobin will do a live broadcast together one day! Considering Soobin recently did one with Seungkwan, we totally believe it’s possible.



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