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Wig Snatched (Literally) — NCT’s Mark Shocks Fans With Long Hair Look

How does it look so good?!

NCT’s Mark has just taken the hair game to legendary new levels, and fans can’t believe how good he looks — albeit amusing!

Mark has an uncanny ability to pull off pretty much any hairstyle, including the neck-length, mullet-style ’dos he’s pulled off for releases like “Golden Hour”…

nct mark wig 1
| SM Entertainment

… and SuperM’s “Tiger Inside.”

nct mark wig 2
| SM Entertainment

But, no one could have predicted just how good he’d look with truly long hair — until today, when he debuted a shocking new look. Posting unexpected photos to the idol messaging app Bubble, Mark had NCTzens in stitches as he donned a back-length brown wig, complete with bangs!

nct mark wig 4
| Bubble

In true Mark style, the idol nonchalantly dropped the first photo after asking fans if they’d watched Lord of the Rings, seemingly comparing his looks to elven characters like Legolas (famously played by Orlando Bloom).

He proceeded to send another picture after fans told him how good he looked, joking that NCTzens should look forward to the day he comes back with hair as long as the wig. Both photos are presumed to have been taken some time again, with fans joking that Mark was “playing in the SM Entertainment wig vault.”

nct mark wig 3
| Bubble

Over on social media, fans are torn between how hilarious the photos are, and how surprisingly good Mark actually looks in a wig.

While the wig looks like one typically marketed to women, NCTzens were surprised by the way Mark’s handsome bone structure somehow still makes him look masculine.

Others cracked up at Mark’s poses and expressions in the photos, which give the impression that he knows just how well he’s pulling it off.

In mere hours, the pictures have already been meme’d, with many joking that Mark is stealing the swag of rising British singer PinkPantheress, who’s known to be a huge fan of NCT herself.

One thing’s for sure: if Mark ever does make a comeback with long tresses, he’s sure to go viral. Until then, fans are loving his edgy pierced look for upcoming comeback “Smoothie.”

nct mark wig 5
| SM Entertainment

NCT DREAM’s “Smoothie,” along with the mini album DREAM( )SCAPE, will be released on March 25.




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