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Wonho Has The Best Response To Being Asked To Show Off His Abs

Wonho holds the title for most muscular man in K-Pop, and like any true gym buff, he uses his Instagram as an archive for progress pics, and fans have no problem with that.

Wonho | @iwonhoyou/Instagram

He’s also never been one to be shy when it comes to fashion. So, he frequently rocks crop tops, showcasing his six-pack.

| @iwonhoyou/Instagram

Yet, sometimes Wonho opts for completely shirtless, and that’s more than okay too.

| @iwonhoyou/Instagram

Still, some become so accustomed to seeing Wonho shirtless that they begin to expect it from the singer.

| @iwonhoyou/Instagram

So, during a recent live broadcast, one viewer boldly asked Wonho to show off his abs. But he had the best response.

Wonho was dressed comfortably in a T-shirt and cap. He caught up with WENEEs while he ate, but one had something else on their mind…

You want me to show you my abs?

— Wonho


The viewer asked him to show his abs. Wonho wasn’t giving it for free that day, though!

Come to my concert.

— Wonho


Wonho encouraged the WENEE to attend one of his concerts. Sure enough, if you see Wonho live, you’ll get to see sexy fashion choices like this…

Wonho is currently on his European Tour 2022 – FACADE.

Watch the clip below.

Source: Worldwide_Wonho and iwonhoyou



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