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These 9 Adorable EXO Stages Are Guaranteed To Melt Even The Coldest Of Hearts

EXO are famous for their incredible concerts and impeccable live performances. While any EXO performance is a masterpiece in its own right, these nine stages hold a soft spot in all EXO-Ls’ hearts.

1. “Lucky One”

EXO might claim to hate the dance, but they go all out every time they perform it on stage.


Kyungsoo showing everyone that he is the king of head bops 😂 #kyungsoo #exo #exol #weareone #dftf #luckyone #kpop #exoedits #fy #fyp #saranghaja

♬ original sound – Christian D.O – Christian D.O.

2. “Unfair”

It’s unfair how dangerously adorable EXO are while sounding like they ate CDs for breakfast.


Wanna see him on the stage again😭😭#kyungsooexo #kyungsoo #kpopfyp#fyp #weareoneEXO #dohkyungsoo #exodyo #exo엑소

♬ 불공평해 Unfair – EXO

3. “Power”


😭😭😭 #exo #baekhyun #baekhyunexo #baekhyunee_exo #power #fypシ #fyp #foryoupage #weareoneexo

♬ Power – EXO

“Power” is the kind of song that puts everyone in a good mood, whether they’re a fan of EXO or not.

4. “Peter Pan”

This song never fails to warm EXO-Ls’ hearts, and while it makes fans incredibly happy to watch EXO’s antics, we can’t help but miss the members even more.

5. “Love Me Right”

“Love Me Right” is a song that exudes contagious energy, and EXO never hold back their smiles when they perform it.

And while it’s not a stage, we can’t forget this iconic Music Bank entrance.

6. EXO’s Acoustic Medley

Is there anything softer than EXO jamming to their own songs?

7. “Ka-CHING”

EXO-CBX gave us some of the most playful songs in EXO’s discography, and when all the members join in, it’s a massive serotonin boost.

8. “Lucky”

You can feel the deep love and appreciation EXO have for their fans, and those feelings are 100% reciprocated.


EXO – Lucky #exo #exol #lucky #kpop #lyrics

♬ Lucky – EXO

And while EXO doesn’t have the best of luck on the stage sometimes, the accidental fanservice, Baekhyun‘s hilarious distraction, and Chen‘s attempts to expose the members make EXO-Ls feel like they’re the luckiest fans in the world.

9. “Don’t Go”

Is anyone else smiling while tears stream down their face?


dinonton didenger berkali kalipun bakalan tetep merinding +nangis #exo #exol #fypシ #zyxcba

♬ 나비소녀 Don’t Go – EXO



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