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5th Gen Idol Earns Attention For Resembling Two Fellow K-Pop Artists

Netizens comment on the comparisons.

Fantiago Entertainment, home of K-Pop groups Weki Meki and ASTRO, debuted their newest idol group, LUN8, in June 2023.

The eight-member boy group is the company’s first new idol group in six years, and they’re already earning attention for their talent and handsome visuals.

LUN8 at the “2023 Asia Artist Awards” | @LUN8_official/Twitter

One of the group’s talented members has recently earned attention after a viral post on a Korean online community board.

On January 16, a netizen posted images of veteran idol Kim Jaejoong‘s photos from his debut-era days promoting with TVXQ.

Kim Jaejoong

| TheQoo

The images circulated as the original poster (OP) felt that LUN8 Dohyun‘s handsome visuals resembled Kim Jaejoong’s, who is considered one of K-Pop’s “OG visuals.”

LUN8’s Dohyun

While the TheQoo post gained nearly 70,000 views, the comment section was divided about who LUN8’s Dohyun resembled. Some felt he looked similar to Jaejoong from certain angles and in specific photos, while others found more of a similarity between Dohyun’s visuals and NCT Jaemin‘s.

NCT’s Jaemin

Regardless of the debate, netizens agreed that LUN8’s Dohyun stands out with his handsome visuals!

| TheQoo
  • “You can see it in some photos but he looks like other idols in other photos lol anyways, he’s good looking”
  • “He kind of looks like Jaemin but I don’t know about Jaejoong”
  • “Only the first photo looks like him…”
  • “The side profiles are way too different”
  • “I was a TVXQ fan and I really don’t see it”

Check out LUN8’s exclusive interview with Koreaboo in the article below!

A New Beginning With LUN8: What You Need To Know About These 5th-Generation Wild Hearts



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