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A Rookie Idol Confesses To SHINee’s Taemin — Making Everyone Flustered

Taemin was flustered along with them 😂

SHINee‘s Taemin is such a talented and legendary K-Pop idol that he’s inspired many of his juniors. He even met a few rookie idols face-to-face after they spent the day fanboying over him.

SHINee’s Taemin | SM Entertainment

And one of them left everyone flustered with his sweet confession to Taemin.

After everyone revealed their identities and connection to Taemin, ZEROBASEONE‘s Han Yujin shared an experience that proved he’s a major fanboy of the senior idol.

The innocent maknae (youngest member) recalled watching Taemin perform alongside ordinary concertgoers and ended the moment with an unexpected confession.

When we went to France, I wanted to see you perform. So I watched in the audience. That’s how much I like you…

— Han Yujin

The confession was so surprising that &TEAM‘s Fuma and TEMPEST‘s Hyeongseop‘s jaws dropped to the floor. Even Taemin couldn’t help getting flustered.

Taemin has such dedicated fans that they’re not afraid to show their love for him. Han Yujin even became a successful fanboy by sharing a fun moment with his role model.

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See Han Yujin leave everyone shook with his genuine confession to Taemin.



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