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Fact Check: Did Two Male “Single’s Inferno” Stars Stay At A Love Hotel Together?

Things took an unexpectedly NSFW turn.

Korean singles join Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno to find love, but what happens after the show ends?

“Single’s Inferno 3” poster

Instead of meeting their soulmate, some cast members have made new friends instead.

Kim Jin Young (left) and Kim Se Jun (right) | @dex101/YouTube

After Single’s Inferno 2 ended, besties Kim Jin Young (also known as DEX) and Kim Se Jun took a chaotic trip to Japan together. Jin Young posted the fun travel log on his YouTube channel for fans to enjoy.

It took them some searching to find their hotel…

| @dex101/YouTube

…and when they finally arrived, they struggled to communicate, not knowing much Japanese. So, they were helped by a translation app.


Jin Young and Se Jun were shocked to discover that you don’t pay for the room at the front desk. Rather, you pay at a kiosk in the room itself. That was not the only machine in the room that surprised them.


After paying, Jin Young and Se Jun toured their hotel room. They were impressed with how nice it was for the price as it included lots of nice features.


Still, there was one feature they hadn’t expected. Jin Young confessed that he initially thought it was a hair dryer, but it certainly was not…It was most likely a vibrator (also known as a massager), but he had never seen one in person before.


They were so shocked to see the sex toy that they couldn’t help but exclaim expletives. Se Jun curiously picked it up, but Jin Young was horrified–it nearly touched their pillows!

Don’t put that on the pillow! Are you mad?!

— Kim Jin Young


Considering the hotel’s location, the NSFW toy, just one bed, luxurious bath, and even the in-room kiosk, it’s safe to say the friends accidentally booked a “love hotel.”

Things always take an unexpected and often NSFW turn with this duo! Read more below.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Se Jun Has No Filter When He’s With Co-Star Kim Jin Young

Watch the full vlog below.



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