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“Single’s Inferno” Plot Twists That Ruined Everybody’s Day

Why did it have to happen? WHY?

Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno never fails to deliver twists, turns, and plenty of drama.

“Single’s Inferno” Season 1 poster

Each season of Single’s Inferno follows a cast of singles on their quest for love on a deserted island. Along the way, love triangles are made, hearts are broken, and viewers are infuriated by plot twists.

Two of the most shocking twists in Season 1 came in Episode 6, thanks to new games and new contestants. An Yea Won–a personal trainer, model, and beauty influencer–finally got her chance to shine after receiving noticeably less screen time than her castmates.

An Yea Won | Netflix

When she had the opportunity to get her flirt on with a new contestant, Cha Hyun Seong, she ran with it.

Cha Hyun Seong (left) | Netflix

During their one-on-one time, An Yea Won charmed Cha Hyun Seong with her bubbly humor and quirky personality. (Just look at his reaction!)

| Netflix
| Netflix

She made such a strong impression that Cha Hyun Seong talked about her afterward, during his date time with Kang So Yeon.

Kang So Yeon (right) | Netflix

It seemed like Cha Hyun Seong would choose An Yea Won as his companion for Paradise–a luxury hotel stay–but in the end he chose…

| Netflix

What? From Episode 1 onwards, Song Ji A didn’t lack suitors. In fact, this mysterious beauty had her pick of the male contestants.

Song Ji A | Netflix

The second plot twist was even more shocking than the first. Despite having won over the two new female contestants (Seong Min Ji and Kim Su Min), Moon Se Hoon still chose Shin Ji Yeon as his Paradise date.

Moon Se Hoon | Netflix

Shin Ji Yeon, who had already rejected him repeatedly. Viewers were ready to throw hands–and so was she?

An Yea Won predicted his choice. | Netflix
| Netflix

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