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Actor Lee Jae Wook Had One Question About Hong Su Zu’s Kiss Scene With SHINee’s Minho

Lee Jun Young was thinking the same thing 😆

The three leads of the K-Drama The Impossible Heir filmed with 1theK to look over their online profiles. For actress Hong Su Zu, that included her debut role in the 2020 K-Drama Lovestruck in the City and her kiss scene with SHINee‘s Minho.

SHINee’s Minho and Hong Su Zu filming their kiss scene.

As Hong Su Zu covered her face in embarrassment, her co-stars Lee Jae Wook and Lee Jun Young watched her “Thief Kiss” with the idol actor.

And after watching it, Lee Jae Wook had one question that made all of them burst into laughter. He couldn’t help wondering why the scene was called a “Thief Kiss.” Lee Jae Wook asked, “Did Minho’s wallet, in his pocket, disappear after you shot this scene?

Ironically, Lee Jae Wook wasn’t the only one thinking about the meaning behind the name of the kiss scene. Proving how close they’ve become, Lee Jun Young admitted, “I got goosebumps because I thought the same thing.

Hong Su Zu cleared up the confusion, explaining that the thief part of the name came from stealing a kiss.

See them laugh about the question Hong Su Zu’s co-stars had about her “Thief Kiss.”



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