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Actor Song Joong Ki Bought BIBI The Latest Smartphone, She Explains Why

BIBI is a famous singer, songwriter, and actress. Regarding the latter, one of her highest profile works was released just last year, Hopeless, where she starred alongside actor Song Joong Ki.

BIBI and Song Joong Ki | Yonhap

In an episode of Radio Star, the hosts couldn’t help but ask BIBI if it was true that she had “received a gift from Song Joong Ki while filming Hopeless.” The star in question confirmed this right away.

Yes, he bought me a phone, a new model.


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This sentence confused the hosts considering the high price point of new smartphones. An iPhone 15, for instance, can set someone back $1,000 USD or more.

Because everyone has nice phones these days, so why did he give you a phone?

— Kim Gu Ra


BIBI explained that it wasn’t just her who was given a new phone. Both she and co-star Hong Xa Bin were recipients of this expensive gift, something Song Joong Ki offered out of the goodness of his heart.

Me and actor Hong Xa Bin who’s in the army now, he gave both of us phones.


It turned out that he truly did not have any ulterior motives and simply wanted to make his co-stars happy. In fact, he hasn’t even asked BIBI and Xa Bin to pay him back yet.

I was like, ‘This is coming out soon,’ and he was like, ‘Pre-order it!’ and sent the money.



Imagine having a co-worker as generous as Song Joong Ki?


Check out the full video below to learn more about BIBI!



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