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K-Pop Fans Are Endeared By The Unique Teaser Concept For NCT WISH

“SM is really going through a creative direction renaissance.”

The final sub-unit of NCTNCT WISH, made their official concert debut at SMTOWN LIVE 2024 on February 21, and their musical debut is soon to follow on February 28 with the single “WISH”.

Consisting of six members — Sion, Riku, Yushi, JaeheeRyo, and Sakuya — the group has two Korean and four Japanese idols between the ages of 16 and 21.

NCT WISH | @nctwishofficial/Twitter

In the lead-up to their debut, the group has been sharing plenty of pictures and videos of the members showcasing their visuals and performance abilities, and NCT fans are excited to see what they’ll bring to the already expansive discography of NCT’s units!

Earlier today, the group released a teaser video called “Welcome to Cupid Scouting Society!” that gives a hint at what the sub-unit’s concept might be, and it has fans intrigued and endeared already.

The video shows the members taking part in “cupid training” through adorable activities like shooting arrows at heart targets and (attempts at) flying. Interestingly, the video’s audio is spoken in English while the subtitles are in Korean, even though the group is heavily geared towards the Japanese market.

It’s a unique concept that has a lot of people looking forward to their debut even more than they already were.

Here’s how K-Pop fans are reacting to this interesting and unconventional concept!






Make sure not to miss NCT WISH’s debut on February 28!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa




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