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An Argument Made Against Male K-Pop Idols In Crop Tops Majorly Backfires

“Why do men with tiny waists always wear crop tops? For me to hold..? Yes.”

Crop tops being worn by male K-Pop idols isn’t all that new, but it’s still something that isn’t as common as it is with girl groups. And that’s a shame, because there are so many guys that look great in the attire, and it should definitely be supported for any of them that feel comfortable wearing one!

A post was recently made on an online forum that, for some reason, tried to claim that male idols don’t look good in crop tops no matter how fit they are. They provided some pictures as “examples”, but they ended up pretty much backfiring on the OP with a flood of comments supporting the trend of guys wearing crop tops.

The first example was of NCT‘s Jungwoo, who had garnered a lot of positive attention for his toned abs in a sporty top.

| SM Entertainment

And of course, there’s arguably the king of crop tops himself, EXO‘s Kai, who has rocked the look numerous times!

image (1)

Even idols like Doyoung of NCT who are best known for their vocals can also look amazing in a cropped top!

image (5)


Fifth-generation idols such as ZEROBASEONE‘s Zhang Hao have been dressed in the style too, and some fans joke that it helped him win Boys Planet.

image (4)

A six-pack isn’t necessary to wear this attire, but we certainly aren’t complaining about AB6IX‘s Woong‘s incredible physique!

image (3)
| Brand New Music

The last example that OP gave was SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi, and fans can’t understand how anyone wouldn’t think he looked great in this outfit.

image (2)
| Pledis Entertainment

There weren’t too many examples on the original post, though, so here are some more boys in crop tops to enjoy and further fight the argument that guys shouldn’t wear crop tops!

A lesser-known K-Pop idol who looked stunning in his styling is NOIR‘s Junyong.

1 noir junyong

A cropped hoodie is a great combination of cute and sexy, as shown by Kang Daniel.

2 kang daniel

VICTON‘s Seungwoo‘s added details and accessories made his outfit even more captivating.

3 seungwoo

And of course, we can’t forget ATEEZ‘s San and his incredible build!

4 san

THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon is another name that comes up often in crop top conversations.

5 juyeon

But arguably, aforementioned Kai is the most well-known example of male idols who look great in crop tops.




Here’s how netizens reacted to the originally negative post by OP, turning the argument completely around!






We’re glad to see so much support for this fashion statement!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa



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