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“Baby-Faced” Middle-Aged Man Rejects Over 100 Women For Not Being Young Or Pretty Enough

A matchmaker has used his story as a warning.

Dating is challenging, even with creating phone applications specifically for it. Many might say that this has only made finding that special person (or persons) even more difficult.

Individuals on a date. | Rene Ranisch/Unsplash

These apps have made finding people closer to your type much easier, meaning your dating pool can expand. However, one man’s strict dating regulations have led him to reject over 100 women.

A successful matchmaker named Wang Zhihui, based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province in China, shared the story of a man known by his surname Feng. With the issues found in finding a partner in China, it is not uncommon for people to seek out services like matchmaking or even attend matchmaking expos.

Parents at a matchmaking expo in Shanghai. | Shanghai Daily/AP Photos

According to Wang, Feng is seeking a local “tall, pretty wife” who is taller than 5’2 and born after 1990. Feng is 5’6 and would be at least 11 years older than any woman who meets his standards.

Wang says that Feng’s strict standards come from his belief that he “needs to consider the next generation” and that he believes he can be picky because of his “baby face” and young appearance. All these factors have led to him rejecting over 100 women in 10 years.

Former MissA member Fei would not meet his standards as she was born in 1987. | Weibo

Wang offered Feng as an example of why many are having issues in relationships and dating. She said that to find someone, Wang would need to lower his standards rather than have a “strong sense of superiority.

Feng was also referred to as stingy, with Wang recounting the time a blind date, who traveled from outside of the city, ended up buying him water after he refused to pay for her drink.

Wang stated Feng’s biggest issue is his stinginess. (Unrelated Photo) | Georgi Dyulgerov/Unsplash

Ultimately, Wang says that she hoped Feng’s story would show young men and women to have “greater self-awareness.”



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