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BTS V’s Teachers In Daegu Suspected That He Might Get Scammed By BIGHIT Music After Passing Their Audition

They went out of their way to protect him.

BTS‘s V started his journey as an idol in quite an amusing way. Like most idols that are his contemporaries, he became a trainee while he was still a young student. But unlike most of those idols, V originally had no plans to audition for the job. During an interview with Jimmy Fallon in 2022, the singer revealed that he was at the BIGHIT Music open audition to support his friend, but he caught the staff’s eyes, and the rest is history.

BTS member V | @thv/Instagram

It turns out, what apparently happened after this incident, was equally amusing and heartwarming at the same time. A fan, who claims to be a student of V’s school teacher from Daegu, recently shared some stories of the singer’s student days, as supposedly told by the teacher.

According to the OP(original poster), V was a pure-hearted and innocent kid. So, when he passed the audition and shared the news at his school, his teachers were worried that he might have gotten scammed. To save their student from any potential harm, all his teachers apparently gathered in the office and researched Bang Si Hyuk and BIGHIT Music extensively. Once they were convinced that both of them were legitimate, they allowed V to join the company as a trainee.

After joining BIGHIT Music, V actually didn’t shift to Seoul right away. There was a period when he would go back and forth between Seoul and Daegu before permanently transferring to a school in Seoul. Even after moving to the new city, he visited his school pretty often, greeting his teachers and enthusiastically showing his posters to his friends!

BTS’s V before becoming a trainee | Tumblr
Pre-debut V | Tumblr

V’s innocent nature had won him many close friends in the school, and he would frequently share his new life’s excitements with them.

According to OP, the teacher described V as a very gentle kid with a warm and friendly personality. It seems he has retained that part of him even after experiencing the peak of success and fame in his career!




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