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BTS’s V Is So Unique, Even The Way He Plays Tennis Is Like No One Else

This ability is so rare in Korea.

When BTS took on the challenge of learning how to play tennis in Episode 129 of Run BTS!, V discovered one of his unique hidden talents.

The boys started by learning different types of tennis strokes.

Though he had never played tennis before, V showed immediate signs of being talented at the sport.

Not only did he prove his ability to pick up the sport easily, but he also discovered his unique ability to use both hands.

Ambidextrous players in the world of tennis are very rare — especially in Korea!

Not only does it give him an edge to be able to hit the ball with a strong hand at all times…

…it also just makes him different from everyone else!

It’s so rare that only one professional tennis player in Korea is known for being ambidextrous, Kim Cheong Eui.

ARMY expect nothing less from V, the king of being unique!




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