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Crush Spills On How He Became Close To BTS’s J-Hope

The two had a special mutual connection!

Crush recently met with Jonathan Thona to film for TheKstarNextDoor, where the two discussed Crush’s new song “Rush Hour” featuring BTS‘s J-Hope and spilled on how Crush and the BTS member came to know each other.

Crush (left) and BTS’s J-Hope (right) | P Nation

Jonathan may have met his comedic match with Crush, who easily played off of Jonathan’s typical playful and quick-thinking humor. The two bonded before diving into Crush’s new single.

“Rush Hour” is Crush’s first single in two years as he recently completed his mandatory military service. When asked the meaning of his new song’s title, Crush explained,

Just like the words it’s something like traffic, and all these complicated situations in the lyrics are used as a metaphor to show how after 2 years of rush hour it’s ‘Crush Hour’ now.

— Crush

Wanting to dig in deeper, Jonathan asks Crush to reveal who was featured in the song and how the two came to know each other.

Crush explained that they actually became closer because of J-Hope’s sister. It turns out, Crush sang at J-Hope’s sister’s wedding last May.

Crush shared that as a token of appreciation, J-Hope showed up at Crush’s studio to play him his solo album Jack in the Box for feedback before its official release in July of this year.

Ever since then, the two naturally began exchanging material they were working on, and when Crush played J-Hope his new song “Rush Hour,” the two mutually agreed to collaborate on the track.

When the two met up to record the song, Crush was amazed by J-Hope’s professionalism. In the three hours of working, J-Hope didn’t need any constructive feedback and didn’t take any breaks, insisting on continuing even when he was sweating in the booth.

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