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Former SISTAR’s Soyou Admits She “Felt Bad” About Performing One Of Her Most Popular Songs

The song topped the charts in 2014.

Former SISTAR‘s Soyou was the most recent guest on DIVE StudiosDaebak Show, where she caught up with the host and fellow K-Pop soloist, Eric Nam.

Former SISTAR’s Soyou (left) and Eric Nam (right) | @thedivestudios/Instagram

Soyou recently made her solo comeback in July, just in time for the former SISTAR member to reclaim her crown as a “summer queen.”

For her title track, “Aloha,” Soyou teamed up with producing and songwriting duo Duble Sidekick in order to capture a vibe similar to SISTAR’s hit songs.

Duble Sidekick were the masterminds behind some of SISTAR’s top hits such as “Loving U,” “Give It To Me,” and “Shake It.”

Soyou, as the lead vocalist of SISTAR and a successful soloist, is able to tackle a variety of different musical styles with her powerful vocals.

With that in mind, Eric wanted to know if there was a specific type of song she was most comfortable singing.

Instead of limiting herself to one style, Soyou instead said she wanted to try it all. From ballads to dance songs, the talented soloist is up to the challenge.

Soyou has recently been busy promoting and performing, and when asked how she chooses songs to perform, Soyou revealed she likes to mix it up.

Although she’s open to taking song requests, there was one song she admitted she avoided singing, despite being one that was massively successful and contributed to her title as “queen of collaboration tracks,” the song was Soyou and Junggigo‘s 2014 smash hit “Some.”

Junggigo (left) and Soyou (right)

Soyou revealed that she “felt bad” performing “Some” because it was easier for her to perform than other songs, especially considering that she didn’t perform Jungiggo’s lines.

She eventually realized that her way of thinking about it was “wrong” because many people love the song and would enjoy hearing it.

As for future collaborations, she has a specific style of artist in mind. Check out more on that in the video below!



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