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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Lists 3 Necessary Traits Of An Idol And How To Survive As A K-Pop Group

Her experience taught her how to become and survive as an idol.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recently had a photo shoot with Harper’s Bazaar Korea to be on the cover of their November 2022 digital issue.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | Harper’s Bazaar Korea

She also took the time to film a video with them. The concept was simple: she was a new student who came to study “The Art Of Girl Groups.”

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | Harper’s BAZAAR Korea/YouTube

The book she used as a prop contained some basic information about her, including her entertainment company and debut date.

Next were some basic questions about being a girl group member. First, she was asked, “3 essential requirements needed to be a K-Pop idol.

As someone who had been in the industry for over 15 years, Taeyeon was one of the few celebrities who was truly an authority on what it took to be successful in the entertainment industry. Her answers were simple, “Positive thinking, multitalented, trendy.

The next question also called on her to use her experience. She was asked to fill in the blanks, “Be careful of _____ to last long as a group.” Taeyeon answered, “Temptation,” but left what the temptation was to the audience’s imagination.

Although Taeyeon herself seemed hesitant to give definite answers to these questions, her background of being the leader of the internationally acclaimed Girls’ Generation for over 15 years is enough for all aspiring idols to take note of what she said.

Watch the full video below. Taeyeon’s interview starts at the 0:53 mark.

Girls’ Generation



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