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Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Opens Up About How Growing Up In The K-Pop Industry Negatively Affected Her Idea Of Beauty

Girl’s Generation‘s Tiffany is a veteran K-Pop idol, having debuted in 2007 and being active until present as a singer and actress.

Girl’s Generation’s Tiffany in 2007

Tiffany at Present

Besides her incredible vocal talent, she is also famous for her youthful appearance. She attributes this to her skincare routine, water obsession, and the attention of her glam team.

My glam team is incredible [and] I have been drinking a lot of water and electrolytes. I think that’s the secret: water and electrolytes.

— Tiffany


In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she talked about her beauty routine and history in detail. In terms of the latter, she opened up about her past as a K-Pop idol trainee and celebrity. She had to adhere to a strict beauty standard at all times while in these roles. From what weight she should be to what clothes she should wear, everything was dictated by other people.

I think, growing up and also starting in the industry at such a young age, I considered beauty to be what society told me I should be wearing, putting on or buying.

— Tiffany

This was even more damaging to Tiffany since she was just a fresh-faced teenager who was subjected to intense scrutiny from everyone—company managers, stylists, fans, and more—at each point in the day. At just 18 years old upon debut, she was forced to be who others wanted her to be.

Thankfully, she is now much more confident in her own skin. At 33 years old, she has found her footing and regained her sense of self-worth. This was all thanks to the break she took from the public eye as well as the help she received from therapy.

But coming into my 30s, and taking a lot of time out from the industry, which included doing a lot of therapy and focusing on my self-worth, I’ve come to realize that beauty is a choice and a mindset.

— Tiffany

To see Tiffany’s evolution through time, check out her debut music video and most recent one below.

Girls’ Generation



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