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Imagine Just Chatting With Your Besties When You Learn You Win The Daesang — Taeyeon Was Doing Just That

She had no idea.

At the 29th Seoul Music Awards, Taeyeon took home both the Digital Music Daesang and the OST Award.

But when she was called for the Daesang, she looked legit surprised.

Ahead of the announcement, Taeyeon was spotted sitting with Red Velvet and chatting away with the members.

Taeyeon must not have expected the award at all, because when her name was called during the chat, she looked completely dazed.

As she went up with her mouth covered, Red Velvet congratulated her with the loudest of applauses.

Just as her very shocked faces suggested, Taeyeon expressed in her speech that she really didn’t see that coming.

I really didn’t expect this. I was just chatting with my Red Velvet friends. But I was suddenly called up, so I’m very surprised.

— Taeyeon

She then went on to thank her family, Girls’ Generation members, and fans for the award.

Right now, I’m thinking of my family and my Girls’ Generation members. And thank you very much to my fans. I feel like I can keep singing because there are people who are always waiting and listening to my music.

— Taeyeon

Check out the full clip of Taeyeon’s reaction below:



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