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Jeon Somi Chooses The International Artists She Hopes To Collaborate With In The Future

The talented soloist spills on why she chose the artists she did.

Jeon Somi recently participated in K-Pop ON! Spotify‘s interview game, Pick-terview. During the game, the soloist pulled fans’ burning questions from a claw machine for a unique twist to a Q&A.

Jeon Somi | @SpotifyKpop/Twitter

Somi answered questions about her fandom, her recently released mini-album Game Plan, and more during the interview.

One question Somi pulled from the claw machine was all about who she hoped to collaborate with, and she had an answer readily available.

| @SpotifyKpop/Twitter

Jeon Somi was asked, “If you had a chance to collaborate with an international artist, who would it be and why?

The talented soloist answered that she would like to collaborate with American rapper 070 Shake and American “Queen of Pop” Madonna.

070 Shake | @070shake/Instagram
Madonna | @madonna/Instagram

Somi hilariously clarified that the reason she would like to collaborate with Madonna was that “it’s Madonna!

For her wish to collaborate with 070 Shake, Somi shared that she feels like a collaboration with the American rapper would challenge her as an artist to try a style of music she’s never attempted before.

Somi added that she would love to perform with a band too, and already had two of her songs in mind for a possible band version; “Anymore” and “The Way.”

While she’s performed a band version of “Anymore” for fans before, she feels a band version of “The Way” would intensify the “explosive feeling” of the song.

Check out Somi’s full interview in the video below!



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